How to connect Overcharts to Rithmic #

To connect Overcharts to Rithmic, please follow these steps carefully:

1. Rithmic Account – If you do not already have a Rithmic account (demo or real), you need to open a demo or real account with a broker that supports Rithmic. Rithmic does NOT sell directly to the end user.

You can choose any broker that supports Rithmic even if it is NOT included in the list of official brokers supported by Overcharts. ANY broker that supports Rithmic is compatible with Overcharts.
Anyway, see Brokers & Data Feeds page on our website for the list of Overcharts supported brokers that provide Rithmic data-feed

Remember to sign online the Agreements!
Remember to sign online the agreements that Rithmic requires to actually enable your new account. All the explanations on how to do this are contained in the email that your broker sent you along with the credentials of your new Rithmic account.

2. Once you got data-feed credentials (username and password) from your broker, proceed with the connection configuration on Overcharts:

  • Start Overcharts and select Rithmic connection from Connections tab of the Overcharts main window. Access connection configuration window by right-clicking > Edit. If you already have a Rithmic connection configured, create a new one
  • Enter Username and Password you got FROM YOUR BROKER/DATA-FEED (NOT the ones you use to access Overcharts!) paying close attention to upper and lower case and avoiding absentmindedly adding any space at the beginning or end of the username or password.
  • Connection Point: select the server to connect to. If your Rithmic account is a DEMO account then select one of the servers named Rithmic Paper Trading (we recommend that you select Rithmic Paper Trading CHICAGO). If your Rithmic account is a REAL account then select one of the servers named Rithmic 01 (we recommend that you select Rithmic 01 CHICAGO). There are many other servers available for both demo and real accounts, located in different parts of the world. For lower latency you should choose the server closest to your area. Try some tests.
    If a specific server for your account other than Rithmic 01 and Rithmic Paper Trading is recommended by your broker, then follow your broker’s advice.
  • Historical data & RT from ‘R|Trader Pro’: select this property ONLY if you want to receive data through the official Rithmic R|Trader Pro application instead of directly from Rithmic servers. This choice implies a lower data update speed. In case, also remember to start R|Trader Pro by activating plug-ins.
    • If you are connecting to Rithmic only through Overcharts then DO NOT select this property.
  • 1-Tick Data: this parameter specifies the limit (in days) for 1-Tick historical data download (0 = NO LIMITS). 1-Tick historical data can be millions for every single day. Rithmic has weekly limits (in gigabytes) on downloading data. DO NOT set this value too high to prevent rapid reaching of available gigabites. If you exceed gigabyte limit, Rithmic will suspend historical data download.
  • Fill in any other required properties according to your preferences
  • Press OK

3. Once the configuration is complete, start the connection by pressing CONNECT button or by double-clicking on the connection. You are connected successfully if dots near the connection are all green.

If, on the other hand, there is at least one red dot, it means that:

  • connection configuration parameters are incorrect (check username/password/connection-point)
  • or data-feed is temporarily unavailable (on weekends it happens often)
  • or data-feed demo (NOT Overcharts!) has expired.

Hover over “i” icon (next to the red dot) to read a more detailed error message.

If the connection fails, we recommend you download and install R|Trader Pro, the official Rithmic application (you can download the application from Rithmic website), then try to log-in using your Rithmic account credentials.
If you are NOT able to log into R|Trader Pro, your Rithmic account is probably not working properly. Contact your broker and/or Rithmic support. Unfortunately we can NOT help you in this case.

If you use Rithmic credentials containing special characters, you may not be able to login to Rithmic from Overcharts. In that case, we recommend you try to change your Rithmic account password using only numbers and letters (both Uppercase and lowercase).

F.A.Q #

Historical data missing #

If your charts are not updated (lack of historical data especially in the final part of the chart) it means that Overcharts was unable to download the historical data from Rithmic servers. This is NOT dependent on Overcharts in any way. Possible causes are:

  1. The futures contract has expired. Rithmic does not provide expired futures contracts data. Rollover or Reset Current futures Contract in Instruments Tab of the Overcharts main window.
  2. You have connection problems probably due to a momentarily unstable Internet line.
  3. You have reached the weekly limit (in gigabytes) that Rithmic has for downloading historical data. Unfortunately the limit is not very high and if you download a lot of “tick” data or use the same Rithmic connection with other applications you could easily reach this limit. Unfortunately there is NO solution to this and you must necessarily wait until the following Monday for Rithmic to reset the limit.
  4. Rithmic historical data servers are momentarily malfunctioning. This happens from time to time. The solution is to download historical data manually using the function described HERE. If that does not work, try again from time to time until you get data.
    You can also try to change Connection Point in the Rithmic connection configuration (see above). Some Connection Points work better than others. Try a few.

Video tutorials #