Connect your data-feeds

You can configure your data-feed connections in Connections Tab of the main Overcharts window.

To configure a connection:

  1. Select connection in the list
  2. Right click > Edit
  3. Complete the configuration by setting missing fields in the connection configuration window (eg Username, Password etc.). If you need help Click HERE for Connection Tutorials

If your connection is NOT in the list or you want to add more than one connection of the same type:

  1. Press ADD CONNECTION button
  2. Select data-feed from the list
  3. Proceed with the connection configuration. If you need help Click HERE for Connection Tutorials

Warning: Many connections require credentials (Username and Password) ISSUED BY DATA-FEED (NOT the ones you use to login to Overcharts!).

Once the configuration is complete, start connection by pressing the CONNECT button or by double-clicking on the connection. You are connected successfully if dots shown next to the connection are all green.

If there are red dots, hover over the “i” icon to view the error message.