Chart Group

A Chart-Group is a chart container, a window containing a potentially infinite number of chart windows.

Each chart window must belong to a Chart-Group

A Chart-Group is contained in a Workspace. Within the Workspace, Chart-Group is accessible from its respective Tab, identifiable by Chart-Group name:

Create a new Chart-Group #

To create a new Chart-Group:

1. Access Workspace where you want to create the Chart-Group

2. Select from menu bar: New > Chart-Group

or press “+” button on chart-group Tabs:

or select Chart-Groups menu > New <VOID>

Once new Chart-Group has been created, corresponding Tab is added to existing tabs. You can move Chart-Group Tab as you wish by dragging it to the right or left.

Access an existing Chart-Group #

To access an open Chart-Group, select the Tab corresponding to the Chart-Group name.

Reopen an existing Chart-Group #

When a Chart-Group is closed, it is not permanently deleted but put in stand-by keeping all charts contained and their settings.

You can reopen a Chart-Group by pressing Stand-by Chart-Groups button and selecting the Chart-Group to reopen:

or by pressing “+” button and selecting the Chart-Group to reopen:

or by selecting the Chart-Group to reopen from Chart-Groups menu:

Rename / Delete a Chart-Group #

You can rename or delete a Chart-Group from Chart-Groups menu > Rename / Delete:

or by right-clicking on Chart-Group Tab > Rename / Delete:

Manage Chart-Group window location #

By default, a Chart-Group is created and opened maximized to take up all available space in the workspace window. You can normalize the window and place it wherever you want.

If there are multiple chart-group windows, you can arrange them using one of the following automatic positioning functions accessible from Chart-Groups menu:

  • Tile Horizontally
  • Tile Vertically
  • Cascade

A Chart-Group can be detached from Workspace window and placed on a second monitor (NOT RECOMMENDED):

If you have 2 or more monitors, we do NOT RECOMMEND detaching the Chart-Group from Workspace window. Instead, we recommend you create a new workspace to optimize the graphical refresh

Relocate Chart-Group Tab #

You can relocate Chart-Group Tab as you like using Drag & Drop (by selecting the Tab and dragging it to the right or left while holding down left mouse button and then releasing it once the desired location is reached):