Download and Install Overcharts

Welcome to Overcharts trading platform!

To start Analyze and Trade the markets in a few minutes, please follow these steps:

Download Setup #

Download the platform setup from this link: DOWNLOAD

To download the setup use Google Chrome or Firefox. DO NOT use Microsoft Edge

Install Overcharts #

Install Overcharts by double-clicking the setup file or run it from your browser directly.

If Windows shows this message after starting the setup:

Click on More Info and then press Run Anyway button.


If when you download or install Overcharts you receive a warning of unknown author or potentially dangerous file, proceed with the installation anyway. The file downloaded from our website is 100% safe. If, after downloading, you run the setup directly from your browser, and the installation does not complete successfully:

1) Copy the setup file to your desktop or any other folder

2) Temporarily disable your antivirus

3) Proceed with the installation

* Some free antivirus (for example, Avast) may incorrectly block the installation.