Overcharts supports many different data feeds. You can use one or several data feeds at the same time for each instrument.

Overcharts supports many different brokers. Choose your broker, switch easily, or use several brokers simultaneously.

You can easily switch your favorite broker or data feed without changing your trading and your analysis method, just configuring the connection.

More brokers and data feeds are added with each new release.

Data Feed Historical Data Real Time Trading Lookup
Gain Capital

Tick-by-tick, minute, daily


Tick-by-tick, minute, daily


Tick-by-tick, minute, daily


Tick-by-tick and minute up to 65,000 bars, daily up to 35,000 bars

Yahoo Finance

Free end-of-day daily data up to several years

Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE)

Not Available

Broker More Info Data Feeds Futures Options Stocks Forex CFDs Spreads OCO OSO Bracket
Stage5 GAIN



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