Advanced Columns – Recent Volume

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Recent-Volume (bid/ask) columns show the accumulated volume at various price levels as long as the price remains unchanged. When the price changes and subsequently returns to the previous level, the volume is reset and a new accumulation begins at that price level.

Volume resets in the single price level ONLY if Volume Auto Reset property is enabled. Furthermore, if Timeout property is greater than zero, volume resets in the single price level only if, after having changed, the price returns to previous level in a time greater than X milliseconds.


Timeout is set to 2500 milliseconds. The price of last trade is 150. Subsequently (following new trades executed) the price changes to 151, then returns to 150 in a time greater than 2500 milliseconds. In this case the volume at 150 is reset.

The data used are only REAL TIME data. No historical data is considered.

You have 2 types of columns available:

  • Recent BID Volume: only volume filled at BID (where the aggressor is the seller) is considered.
  • Recent ASK Volume: only volume filled at ASK (where the aggressor is the buyer) is considered.

To add Recent-Volume columns to your chart, please refer to this article: Advanced Columns

Main Properties #

Max Number of Levels to display: Specifies maximum number of levels to display. To process and display a large number of levels you need a PC with good computing power. If your PC is underperforming, we recommend you limit the number of levels. The exact number depends on the performance of your PC. Experiment to determine the number of levels best suited to your PC.

Ticks per Row: Specifies the height (in ticks) of each price level. A tick is the minimum price movement (tick-size) defined in the instrument configuration. Usually, correct value for this property is 1. Other times it may be useful to set a higher value. This is the case of US-stocks where tick-size can be very small compared to instrument current price, making it necessary to group x price levels into one.

Reset: In addition to manual reset available by right-clicking on column > Reset or by double-clicking on column, you can reset the column automatically:

  • On Session Start: Resets column with each new session
  • At this time: Resets column at the specified time
  • Every: Resets column after the specified time interval. If Synchronize with session start property is checked, time interval is synchronized with session start, otherwise it starts from the instant in which the column is loaded/calculated.

Volume Auto Reset (single level): Enables the reset of the volume of the single price level in the event that the price, after having changed, returns to the previous level in a time greater than X milliseconds.

  • Timeout (milliseconds): defines the maximum time within which the price must return to the previous level to avoid volume resetting at that level.

Column Position: Defines the conlumn position relative to other advanced columns.