For each exchange you can define the list of public holidays, i.e. the dates on which the exchange is closed. The list affects data loading and charts displaying.

Access holidays lists #

You can access holidays lists in one of the following ways:

1. From Overcharts main window > Instruments Tab > Holidays button

2. From Overcharts main window > Instruments menu > Holidays

Create or Modify an holidays list #

To create/modify an holidays list:

1. Access holidays list

2. Select the list to edit and press Edit button, or press New button to create a new one

3. Define the list unique name

4. Add/Edit the holidays by pressing the corresponding button in the configuration window.

For each holiday, set or change the following properties:

Date: Represents holiday date

Type: Represents the filter type to apply to the data on defined date. Possible values:

  • Full Session: filter is applied to the entire session even if the session is split between two days (eg. CME)
  • Full Day: filter is applied from 00:00 to 24:00 of defined date
  • Late Open: indicates a change in the session start time on defined date
  • Early Close: indicates a change in the session end time on defined date
  • Range: represents a range of hours within the defined date

Starting Time: Represents the late opening time or range start time

Ending Time: Represents the early closing time or range end time

Description: holiday description (eg: Christmas)

Repeat date for x years: By indicating an integer value between 1 and 10 you can massively enter the date for x consecutive years

How to use it #

You can set the holidays list:

  1. In the exchange configuration: in this case, all instruments belonging to the exchange will inherit its holidays list by default.
  2. In the chart configuration: in this case, the holidays list will only affect the chart loading / displaying.

Overcharts already contains some preconfigured holidays lists. Preconfigured-lists properties can be modified by the user, but if you modify them, any future property updates will NOT be applied.
You can restore the default configuration of a preconfigured list at any time by selecting the list from holidays lists and pressing the Restore Standard button.