Overbasic – Select Case

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SELECT CASE statement is used to select which code block to execute based on an expression result.

Syntax #

Select Case <expression>
Case <value/expression>[, <value/expression>, <value/expression>]
    <code block>
Case <value/expression>[, <value/expression>, <value/expression>]
    <code block>
Case <value/expression>[, <value/expression>, <value/expression>]
    <code block>
[Case Else]
    [<code block>]
  • <expression>: any numeric expression
  • The various <value/expression> in CASEs are expressions or numeric values to be compared with the value of <expression>. Each Case can have several comma-separated <value/expression>.
  • The Case Else block is optional and is executed only if no match is found between the value of <expression> and the various CASEs

How it works:
1) The Select Case expression is evaluated once
2) The value of <expression> is compared with the values of each Case
3) If there is a match, the associated block of code is executed
4) If there is NO match, the code block associated with Case Else is executed (if any).


'Getting month name based on month number.
'In this example there is no CASE ELSE.

Dim month As Numeric = 5

Select Case month 
Case 1
    monthName = "January"
Case 2
    monthName = "February"
Case 3
    monthName = "March"
Case 4
    monthName = "April"
Case 5
    monthName = "May"
Case 6
    monthName = "June"
Case 7
    monthName = "July"
Case 8
    monthName = "August"
Case 9
    monthName = "September"
Case 10
    monthName = "October"
Case 11
    monthName = "November"
Case 12
    monthName = "December"

'The result is: May
'Getting the days in a month, based on month number

Dim month As Numeric = 5
Dim daysInMonth As Numeric = 0

Select Case month 
Case 2  
    'check if the year is a leap year
    If (Math.Mod(Year, 400) = 0) Or ((Math.Mod(Year, 4) = 0) And (Math.Mod(Year, 100) <> 0)) Then
        daysInMonth = 29
        daysInMonth = 28
Case 4, 6, 9, 11
    daysInMonth = 30
Case Else
    daysInMonth = 31

'The result is: 31