Author - Overcharts Team

Pivot Points

Pivot Points are significant levels traders can use to determine directional movement and potential support and resistance levels. They are calculated using the high, low and close of prior trading-period (day, week, month, year). If the market in the following period trades above the pivot point it is usually evaluated as a bullish sentiment, whereas trading below the pivot point is seen as bearish. The resistance and support levels may represent a limit price level where the trend is no...

Risk/Reward drawing tool

The Risk/Reward tool helps you calculate the position size based on the maximum risk you are willing to take opening the position, as well as estimate the Profit & Loss (PnL) and calculate the value of your account balance once the profit-target or stop-loss levels are reached. How to use it 1) Select Risk/Reward drawing tool 2) Draw Position Entry, Profit-Target and Stop-Loss levels on chart 3) Calculate position size based on the maximum risk that you are willing to take If you already...

Hollow Candlestick Style

In addition to the classic Solid style where the candles are completely fill, in Overcharts you can apply the Hollow style. The Hollow style is a non-invasive style to use when you want to highlight the indicator compared to the chart. You can apply the Hollow style to the following chart types: Candlestick Candle-Volume Heikin-Ashi Three Line Break Renko Reversal Bar You can set the Hollow style from the chart property window -> Tab "Style":