Release Notes

In addition to the below listed items for each version, there are also various low-level improvements, issues fixed, and small new features which are not listed.
Version: 6.0.9 – 2024.06.29
  1. Trade Copier – The Trade Copier is a tool that allows you to replicate the trading activities performed by a Leader account on x Follower accounts. In other words, actions such as placing, modifying, canceling an order, and closing and reversing a position executed by the Leader account are automatically replicated on all follower accounts. This enables you to simultaneously execute the same trading strategy on multiple accounts.
  2. Chart Trading – Added the possibility of partially hiding (using a special button) the Trading Panel, reducing it to a toolbar: more space available for the chart without giving up trading commands.
  3. Chart Trading – Added the ability to display/hide (using the appropriate button) the Bid/Ask order entry columns. This allows you to enable trading on the chart without risking accidentally placing orders.
  4. Volume Ladder – Added the possibility of displaying some bar totals (Volume, Delta, Delta Change, Ratio) directly at the top or bottom of the single Ladder (see indicator configuration > Style Tab > Bar Totals).
  5. Volume Ladder – Added High/Low Ratio. The Ratio helps identify market turning points following an exhaustion of buyer/seller strength. For more information, refer to Help Center > Volume Ladder.
  6. HotKeys – Added Hotkey to set quantity in the respective Trading Panel text-box. You can choose whether to set a fixed quantity, or a percentage of the open position.
  7. Drawing Tools – Added the ability to select which workspaces to share/synchronize a drawing tool on (right-click on drawing tool > Attach to > Selected Workspaces).
  8. Drawing Tools – Added another 8 customizable levels to Fibonacci studies.
Version: 6.0.8 – 2024.01.27
  1. TPO Profile (Session) – Added the ability to merge adjacent TPO Profiles or dividing a TPO Profile into different parts by indicating the breaking point directly on the Profile with the mouse.
  2. Indicators – Added new indicator: Fair Value Gap. This indicator identifies the Fair Value Gaps present in a given period of time by drawing them on the chart in the form of Support/Resistance areas.
  3. Indicators – Added new indicator: Linear Regression.
  4. Tradestation – Added support for the new Tradestation WebAPI (V3): better speed performance in data flow and order entry, and availability of the multilevel DOM (Depth of Market – Level II).
Version: 6.0.7 – 2023.10.26
  1. Drawing Tools – Added new drawing tool: Horizontal Ray.
  2. Drawing Tools – Added the possibility to hide all drawings present in a chart window (Right click on chart window > Drawings).
  3. Drawing Tools – Added the possibility to approximate (fit) the price to tick-size when creating/modifying a drawing.
  4. Drawing Tools – Added ability to change text color in Horizontal Line, Horizontal Ray, Vertical Line.
  5. Chart Advanced Columns – Added new columns: Current Traded Bid Volume, Current Traded Ask Volume, Current Traded Total Volume. These are volumes traded in Real Time at the various price levels. Columns can be reset automatically when specific events occur or manually by the user.
  6. Chart Advanced Columns – Added new columns: Recent Bid Volume, Recent Ask Volume. These columns show the accumulated volume at various price levels as long as the price remains unchanged. When the price changes and subsequently returns to the previous level, the volume is reset and a new accumulation begins at that price level.
  7. Time and Sales – Added ability to color the Quantity column background based on ‘Filled at’ column.
  8. Chart Trading – Added the ability to hide the Profit/Loss in the position label drawn on chart. Instead of Profit/Loss, the symbol +, -, / will be drawn to indicate a profit, loss or neutral position respectively.
Version: 6.0.5 – 2023.08.31
  1. Restore Database – Fixed restore on instruments with rollover management enabled.
Version: 6.0.3 – 2023.08.03
  1. Time and Sales – Completely redesigned Time-and-Sales window. Main new features are: ability to Aggregate data, new Columns (Bid, Bid size, Ask, Ask size, Trades, Average size), ability to move columns and choose between automatic sizing or not, customizable style and colors, improved Data Filters, ability to Highlight a row/cell and Play sound Alerts based on specific conditions, ability to save and apply Templates, bid/ask bar to display the strength of buyers/sellers in the last x seconds, general improvements of layout and usability.
  2. Volume Ladder – Added Top/Bottom Imbalances. They are imbalances calculated according to specific rules which appear at the Top or Bottom of the single Ladder and help to identify the short-term turning points of market.
  3. Volume Ladder – Added the possibility to choose whether to display within ladders the VPOC of total volume (bid + ask), or 2 separate VPOCs for Bid and Ask (i.e. one VPOC for Bid volumes and one for Asks), or Delta POC.
  4. Volume Ladder – Added the ability to color the background in a personalized way based on values present. You have up to 6 levels/conditions that you can assign a color to. For example, you can color the cell background in yellow where the value contained is greater than or equal to 50, in blue where the value is greater than 100 and so on. Cells that do not meet any conditions are colored with default bid/ask/volume colors.
  5. Volume Ladder – Added the ability to NOT show numbers on the ladder.
  6. Volume Ladder – Added the ability to set a fixed font size for numbers.
  7. Theme – New light theme: Light Gray.
  8. Chart Trading – Added new configuration property to display or not price level information when mouse pointer is over the order entry Bid/Ask columns.
Version: 6.0.2 – 2023.06.06
  1. Connections – Updated Gain API. This fixes the connection issues some users are experiencing with Gain.
Version: 6.0.1 – 2023.05.27
  1. Data Export – Historical data export function is now available. The export procedure allows you to export the historical data present in the instrument’s local database to a text file (csv or txt) to then be imported, for example, in another (or the same) Overcharts installation (using data import procedure) or in another application (usually Excel).
  2. Database – New instrument database Backup/Restore feature. Backup makes a copy of the database containing the instrument historical data by producing a single file (.bak). This file can be imported into the same (or another) Overcharts installation using Restore Database procedure. In other words, backup is the simplest method to copy the historical data of a single instrument from one installation to another and in particular when the second installation uses a different Overcharts account.
  3. Volume Ladder – Added the ability to draw the ladder volume-profile by coloring volume bars using bid or ask color depending on delta.
Version: 6.0.0 – 2023.04.22
  1. Simulator – Overcharts Internal Trading SIMULATOR now Available! You can practice trading and test your strategies WITHOUT having a demo account with a broker! Particularly useful if you have data-only data-feeds (such as dxFeed) or only real accounts. To access the simulator, you simply need to create a SIMULATOR Workspace. That’s all. You will use the workspace exactly as you always have! The only difference with a REGULAR workspace, is that trading from a SIMULATOR workspace is completely simulated internally by Overcharts. NO orders placed from a SIMULATOR workspace will be sent to your broker. Historical and real-time data, on the other hand, are always taken from your data-feed.
  2. Workspaces – Added the ability to set a workspace as ‘to be opened’ automatically on Overcharts startup.
  3. Indicators – Added new indicator: Trading Sessions Background. This indicator highlights up to 4 different trading sessions on chart using different background colors. Useful, for example, to highlight RTH session on an ETH chart, or the European market session on a CME futures chart, or even a customized session to highlight a specific time range, etc.
  4. Indicators – Added new indicator: Balance Of Power
  5. Indicators – Added new indicator: Weis Wave Volume
  6. Templates – Added the ability to save and apply templates to Trading Panel
  7. Volume Ladder – Added the ability to set the Candle and Volume-Profile width in relation to the other Ladder elements
  8. Volume Profile (Composite) – Added the ability to place the Volume-Profile (Composite) in the chart right margin
Version: 5.9.1 – 2022.11.12
  1. HotKeys – Hotkeys are now available! Shortcuts that can be configured according to your preferences to execute commands via keyboard (including trading).
  2. Object Templates – Added the ability to save and apply templates for any object/configuration in the chart. You will be able to save infinite configurations (templates) for each single indicator, drawing-tool, chart, advanced-column etc. and apply them in seconds to existing or newly added objects. Furthermore, by associating some templates to different Hotkeys you can for example draw trendlines with different layouts by simply pressing a combination of keys. Once the trendline has been drawn on chart, it will no longer be necessary to set the trendline style (color, weight, etc.) separately. The same for Indicators, Charts, Advanced-Columns, Trading-Systems
  3. Volume Profile – Composite – Added ‘Last x Bars’ data loading mode
  4. Volume Profile – Intraday – Added the ability NOT to break the volume profile series at each new session
  5. Fibonacci – Added the ability to set negative % levels for Fibonacci Retracement and Fibonacci Extension
  6. Volume Ladder – Added the ability to choose if and how to fill the candle. You can choose to fill the candle based on Delta, bar Delta / Total Volume ratio, or bar Direction (comparison between Open and Close). You can also choose to draw the border only
  7. Indicators – Added new indicator: Hull Moving Average
  8. Rithmic – Added various Connection-Points including those dedicated to APEX and LeeLoo
Version: 5.8.8 – 2022.07.09
  1. Connections – New connection to the well-known cryptocurrency exchange BINANCE (in DATA ONLY mode >> NO Trading)
  2. Theme – The first light Overcharts theme is available: Dirty White
  3. Charts – Added new property on X-axis: ‘No Scroll on New Bar’ to block the scrolling of chart to the left when adding a new bar in real time
  4. Volume Delta – Added Heikin-Ashi chart style for Volume Delta indicator (Bar, Cumulative and Session)
Version: 5.8.7 – 2022.05.18
  1. Trading – Added new Breakeven button to the Trading Panel to quickly place/modify a Breakeven order, that is a STOP-MARKET order with trigger price equal to the average price of current OPEN Position +/- an Offset in Ticks, Points or Currency. The breakeven is used to close a position avoiding losses in the event that, after having been virtually profitable, market changes direction. Warning: Breakeven button is currently only available for data feeds: Gain, Rithmic, Interactive Brokers, Directa, Oanda.
  2. Charts – Added the ability to start moving and/or editing a chart, indicator or drawing-tool by pressing CTRL button. This allows you to avoid accidental changes to chart objects. You can enable this function from Workspace window > ‘Format’ menu > ‘Move/Edit objects using CTRL’
  3. Yahoo – Updated data download procedure
  4. Volume Ladder – Added the possibility of NOT highlighting Unfinished Auctions if reached by subsequent prices. The parameter is available in the “Style” Tab > “Unfinished Auction” section
  5. Performance – Improved multi-thread graphics refresh
  6. Connections – New connection to dxFeed, a professional provider of historical and real time data for the American and European Futures markets and for American stocks. DOES NOT require opening an account with a broker
Version: 5.8.6 – 2022.04.11
  1. Volume Profile – Added ‘VPOC only’ display mode. If selected, only VPOC level will be displayed in the Volume Profile. All other levels will not be drawn
  2. Indicators – Added new indicator: Alligator
  3. Charts/Indicators – A double click on X-axis resets the horizontal zoom and moves the chart to last bar, a double click on Y-axis resets the price scale to ‘Screen’
  4. Charts – Added combo-box in the chart window bar to quickly change data loading range
  5. Charts – Combo-box used to quickly change the main chart resolution moved to chart window bar
  6. Drawing Tools – New drawing tool (Path) to draw a path with up to 25 points
Version: 5.8.4 – 2022.03.17
  1. Connections – Updated Rithmic dll to the latest version
Version: 5.8.3 – 2022.03.12
  1. TPO Profile – Added the ability to highlight ‘Single Prints’. Single-Prints (Singles) are price levels containing only 1 TPOs. They indicate that market has moved too fast in that area and prices will most likely tend to return to those levels in the future
  2. Indicators – Added button on drawings toolbar to quick access indicators that can be drawn manually on chart such as Volume Profile (Range), Anchored VWAP etc. To start manual drawing of indicator you just need to press a toolbar button as for any drawing tool
  3. Performance – Improved data download/load performance
Version: 5.8.2 – 2022.01.16
  1. Connections – New connection to OANDA, one of the most famous CFD and Forex brokers in the world
  2. Indicators – Added new indicator: Anchored VWAP. It is a variant of VWAP indicator where, once an initial date/time is set, the indicator is calculated up to last available bar in the chart without any reset on new session or other time frame. Starting date/time can be easily set by drawing it directly on chart like any other drawing tool
  3. Market Depth Map – Added ‘Color-Intensity-Filter’ style property to better highlight high volume areas/levels. Together with the already present Upper and Lower Cut-Off properties, it helps to better filter the background noise caused by low volume levels
  4. Price-Levels (OHLC) – ‘Middle (H-L)/2’ level added to the indicator
Version: 5.8.0 – 2021.12.04
  1. Interactive Brokers – Added ETH TIFs to allow order to be triggered outside of regular trading hours (RTH)
  2. Advanced Columns – Fixed displaying Ask levels with Rithmic connection
Version: 5.7.8 – 2021.10.14
  1. Chart Advanced Columns – This new feature allows you to display on chart the Bid/Ask and Cumulative DOM-columns, Pulling/Stacking columns, Profit/Loss column etc. Advanced Columns are synchronized with the window main chart [More info]
  2. Charts – Added new property to keep last price centered on Y-axis. The property is also accessible by right-clicking on price scale (Y-axis)
  3. Chart Trading – Kept last Chart-Trading status (enabled/disabled) at chart level. If Chart-Trading was enabled in a chart, it will also be enabled at next Workspace reopening. Workspace level trading continues to ALWAYS be set as disabled when reopening Workspace
Version: 5.7.7 – 2021.06.25
  1. Volume Ladder – Added the ability to display Support/Resistance zones (as horizontal colored areas) in correspondence with stacked imbalances. Zones are extended to the right until prices break them
  2. Indicators – Added new indicator: KAMA (Kaufman’s Adaptive Moving Average)
  3. Indicators – Added new indicator: Keltner Channel
  4. Indicators – Added new indicator: Bollinger Bands %B
  5. Indicators – Added ability to calculate the Moving Average indicator on Weighted (OHLC/4), Typical (HLC/3) and Median (HL/2) prices
  6. Charts – Ability to increase the space between bars/candles. The new property is located in the column X-axis and can be modified both from configuration window and from X-axis pop-up menu
  7. Themes – Restyling of Dark-Gray and Deep-Blue themes
Version: 5.7.6 – 2021.05.08
  1. Volume Profile – Delta Profile added to Volume Profile indicator. Ability to view both (side by side or overlapping) or individually according to your preferences
  2. Chart Trading – Starting from this version, stacked orders on the same price level are grouped by ‘Order Type + Buy/Sell’ making it possible to modify multiple orders at the same time using drag & drop
  3. DOM – Stacked orders (same type/price/side) can now be moved using drag & drop
  4. Charts – Possibility of NOT displaying on chart the tooltip containing object information on mouse over. It will be possible to view the information on demand by pressing CTRL button and hovering over the object. The feature can be access from Workspace > View > Object Info
  5. Charts & Indicators – Added property on charts and indicators to prevent the general opacity of these objects from affecting the opacity of drawing tools connected to them
  6. Indicators – Added ‘Price-Levels (OHLC)’ indicator to highlight on chart the Open, High, Low, Close levels of current session, week, month, year and/or the previous period
Version: 5.7.4 – 2021.03.19
  1. Connections – New connection to Interactive Brokers. IB is a world-renowned broker with a huge number of instruments and markets available
  2. Volume Profile – In addition to the classic view (Volume), it is now possible to view the volume profile in Bid/Ask mode
  3. Volume Profile – Alerts enabled
  4. TPO Profile – Added possibility to highlight the open price of each period
  5. TPO Profile – Alerts enabled
  6. Drawing Tools – Ability to “send to back” a drawing tool with respect to the parent chart/indicator. Useful if you want to make the drawing tool less visible than the parent chart/indicator
  7. Charts – Ability to clone a chart on another workspace (until now it was only possible to clone it in the same workspace)
Version: 5.7.2 – 2021.02.08
  1. Drawing Tools – Added the ability to Share/Synchronize a drawing tool across multiple charts (same instrument) at the Chart-Window, Chart-Group, Workspace or All Workspaces level. By changing the drawing tool in any of the charts that share it, the change will be synchronized in all other charts
  2. Drawing Tools – Added the ability to change the name/tag of a drawing tool to identify it more easily
  3. Volume Ladder – Improved layout and space management
  4. Indicators – Added new indicator: TEMA (Triple EMA)
  5. Charts – Enabled ability to build charts like Heikin-Ashi, Point&Figure, Kagi, Three-line-break, Renko etc.. using Point (Range bar) and Contract resolution
  6. DDE – Real time data saving for DDE data-feed
  7. VWAP – On Renko Chart was not drawn correctly in some particular cases
Version: 5.7.0 – 2020.11.20
  1. DOM – Added possibility to modify the price increment
  2. Chart Trading – Added the ability to change color to Bid/Ask columns
  3. Chart Trading – Added possibility to hide the ‘Placeable order types’ tooltip
  4. Watchlist – Added ‘Change (points)’ column
  5. Property Grid – Added Help icon next to properties: moving mouse over the icon, a brief description of the property appears
  6. Workspace – Fixed saving separators issue on workspace toolbars
  7. Range Volume Profile – Incorrect time range on charts with time zone other than Exchange.