Release Notes

In addition to the below listed items for each version, there are also various low-level improvements, issues fixed, and small new features which are not listed.
Next Version
  1. TPO Profile – Added the ability to highlight ‘Single Prints’. Single-Prints (Singles) are price levels containing only 1 TPOs. They indicate that market has moved too fast in that area and prices will most likely tend to return to those levels in the future
Version: 5.8.1
  1. Connections – New connection to OANDA, one of the most famous CFD and Forex brokers in the world
  2. Indicators – Added new indicator: Anchored VWAP. It is a variant of VWAP indicator where, once an initial date/time is set, the indicator is calculated up to last available bar in the chart without any reset on new session or other time frame. Starting date/time can be easily set by drawing it directly on chart like any other drawing tool
  3. Market Depth Map – Added ‘Color-Intensity-Filter’ style property to better highlight high volume areas/levels. Together with the already present Upper and Lower Cut-Off properties, it helps to better filter the background noise caused by low volume levels
  4. Price-Levels (OHLC) – ‘Middle (H-L)/2’ level added to the indicator
Version: 5.8.0
  1. Interactive Brokers – Added ETH TIFs to allow order to be triggered outside of regular trading hours (RTH)
  2. Advanced Columns – Fixed displaying Ask levels with Rithmic connection
Version: 5.7.8
  1. Chart Advanced Columns – This new feature allows you to display on chart the Bid/Ask and Cumulative DOM-columns, Pulling/Stacking columns, Profit/Loss column etc. Advanced Columns are synchronized with the window main chart [More info]
  2. Charts – Added new property to keep last price centered on Y-axis. The property is also accessible by right-clicking on price scale (Y-axis)
  3. Chart Trading – Kept last Chart-Trading status (enabled/disabled) at chart level. If Chart-Trading was enabled in a chart, it will also be enabled at next Workspace reopening. Workspace level trading continues to ALWAYS be set as disabled when reopening Workspace
Version: 5.7.7
  1. Volume Ladder – Added the ability to display Support/Resistance zones (as horizontal colored areas) in correspondence with stacked imbalances. Zones are extended to the right until prices break them
  2. Indicators – Added new indicator: KAMA (Kaufman’s Adaptive Moving Average)
  3. Indicators – Added new indicator: Keltner Channel
  4. Indicators – Added new indicator: Bollinger Bands %B
  5. Indicators – Added ability to calculate the Moving Average indicator on Weighted (OHLC/4), Typical (HLC/3) and Median (HL/2) prices
  6. Charts – Ability to increase the space between bars/candles. The new property is located in the column X-axis and can be modified both from configuration window and from X-axis pop-up menu
  7. Themes – Restyling of Dark-Gray and Deep-Blue themes
Version: 5.7.6
  1. Volume Profile – Delta Profile added to Volume Profile indicator. Ability to view both (side by side or overlapping) or individually according to your preferences
  2. Chart Trading – Starting from this version, stacked orders on the same price level are grouped by ‘Order Type + Buy/Sell’ making it possible to modify multiple orders at the same time using drag & drop
  3. DOM – Stacked orders (same type/price/side) can now be moved using drag & drop
  4. Charts – Possibility of NOT displaying on chart the tooltip containing object information on mouse over. It will be possible to view the information on demand by pressing CTRL button and hovering over the object. The feature can be access from Workspace > View > Object Info
  5. Charts & Indicators – Added property on charts and indicators to prevent the general opacity of these objects from affecting the opacity of drawing tools connected to them
  6. Indicators – Added ‘Price-Levels (OHLC)’ indicator to highlight on chart the Open, High, Low, Close levels of current session, week, month, year and/or the previous period
Version: 5.7.4
  1. Connections – New connection to Interactive Brokers. IB is a world-renowned broker with a huge number of instruments and markets available
  2. Volume Profile – In addition to the classic view (Volume), it is now possible to view the volume profile in Bid/Ask mode
  3. Volume Profile – Alerts enabled
  4. TPO Profile – Added possibility to highlight the open price of each period
  5. TPO Profile – Alerts enabled
  6. Drawing Tools – Ability to “send to back” a drawing tool with respect to the parent chart/indicator. Useful if you want to make the drawing tool less visible than the parent chart/indicator
  7. Charts – Ability to clone a chart on another workspace (until now it was only possible to clone it in the same workspace)
Version: 5.7.2
  1. Drawing Tools – Added the ability to Share/Synchronize a drawing tool across multiple charts (same instrument) at the Chart-Window, Chart-Group, Workspace or All Workspaces level. By changing the drawing tool in any of the charts that share it, the change will be synchronized in all other charts
  2. Drawing Tools – Added the ability to change the name/tag of a drawing tool to identify it more easily
  3. Volume Ladder – Improved layout and space management
  4. Indicators – Added new indicator: TEMA (Triple EMA)
  5. Charts – Enabled ability to build charts like Heikin-Ashi, Point&Figure, Kagi, Three-line-break, Renko etc.. using Point (Range bar) and Contract resolution
  6. DDE – Real time data saving for DDE data-feed
  7. VWAP – On Renko Chart was not drawn correctly in some particular cases
Version: 5.7.0
  1. DOM – Added possibility to modify the price increment
  2. Chart Trading – Added the ability to change color to Bid/Ask columns
  3. Chart Trading – Added possibility to hide the ‘Placeable order types’ tooltip
  4. Watchlist – Added ‘Change (points)’ column
  5. Property Grid – Added Help icon next to properties: moving mouse over the icon, a brief description of the property appears
  6. Workspace – Fixed saving separators issue on workspace toolbars
  7. Range Volume Profile – Incorrect time range on charts with time zone other than Exchange.