Build your trading strategy using OverBasic or .NET programming languages.
Optimize your strategy by performing accurate backtesting.
Attach your strategy to a chart in order to have an immediate view of signals and statistics.


Create your trading strategies using OverBasic, a basic style easy language. This means: ease of learning and power of development.

Slightly more complex than a scripting language, OverBasic provides the ability to create custom functions using all major syntax of a structured language (For, Do Until, If, Variables, Arrays etc). These features make it a powerful and versatile language suitable to create particularly complex indicators and trading systems.

You can build long/short entry rules, long/short extensions, profit targets, stop-loss and trailing stops, even particularly complex, entering and exiting in different steps from same position.

The .NET programming languages (C#, Visual basic.Net) integrated with Developer app will be available soon.


Backtesting Engine

Optimize your strategies by performing accurate backtesting and consulting the results in detailed reports.
Backtesting engine provides the user with many configuration parameters (e.g. commission, slippage, initial capital, liquidity, interest rate, trade size, intrabar order generation, and many others) to accurately recreate the past conditions of the market in order to obtain realistic results.

You can split data series into two parts: the first used for backtesting and the second for walk-forward analysis.

* Coming soon Full Walk-Forward analysis

Intrabar Order Generation

The Backtesting engine can generate several signals/orders within the same bar using the magnifier, a particular function that allows, as an example, to split a 30-minute bar in a sequence of ticks (or 1 minute bars) ensuring the maximum accuracy during backtesting.

High Performance

Overcharts uses intensive multi-threading during backtesting. This means high calculation speed and less waiting time to get results.


Backtesting generates a full detailed statistics report: profit/loss, select profit/loss, commissions, consecutive winning (losing) trades, drawdown, run-up etc. This report can be exported in text files (.txt, .csv) and is readable by Excel or other spreadsheets.

Full detailed list of signals generated by trading system. For each signal are displayed all information on quantity, price, commissions paid, profit/loss, drawdown and many others.

A useful summary displays the most important information with an interval of 1 or more hours, days, weeks, months, years.


Attach your strategy to an instrument chart in order to have an immediate view of signals, their sequence, the equity line, and profit/loss bars. You can customize the style and colors of their graphic representation.