Time & Sales shows in detail Tick-by-Tick data flow in real time of the single instrument. In other words, it displays all filled trades by reporting the price, size, execution time and whether the trade was filled at Bid or Ask, thus identifying the aggressor. It can help you understand if there are more buyers or sellers.


Data Aggregation

Data can be aggregated by Time, Price and Aggressor (in different combinations) allowing a better reading of the order-flow.

Trade / Bid / Ask

Choose whether to display Trades and/or best Bid/Ask streaming. All in the same window.

Filter Data

Filter the data by choosing to display only trades that meet specific conditions.

Highlighters And Aletrs

Highlight data that meets specific conditions and/or play a sound.

Session Values

Available session values: Open, High, Low, Previous Close, Total Volume, Time and last price/quantity traded, difference with the previous close.

Buyers / Sellers Strength

Vertical bar showing the strength of buyers/sellers over last x seconds.

Fully Customizable Style

Set the style, columns and colors used in the window according to your preferences.


Quickly set all window properties using a previously saved template.

Pause Order-flow

Pause order-flow if you need to analyze the situation better. A simple click is enough to resume real-time updates.