Dock your panels to workspace main window.
Link two or more panels together by instrument.

Dock your panels to workspace main window


You can use a panel-window as stand-alone (float). The window overlays the workspace.


Choose the location where to dock the panel-window.


Based on your choice, the panel is docked as “Fixed” or “Tab” (show/hide the panel using a tab).

Link two or more panels together by instrument

When two or more panels are linked together by instrument, and in one of these panels you change the instrument, it will be changed in all other linked panels.
A classic use of this feature is to link a watchlist with an order entry, a DOM, or a chart.

To link two or more panels is very easy:

1) Click the link combo-box in the panel header

2) Select a color from the drop-down menu

3) Repeat step 1 and 2 for all panels to be linked selecting the same color

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