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0000079OverchartsBUGpublic2020-03-09 03:43
Status CLOSEDResolutionFIXED 
PlatformOverchartsOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version5.5.0 
Target Version5.5.1Fixed in Version5.5.1 
Summary0000079: Bracket orders are place incorrectly through the dom.
DescriptionBrackets orders place on the short side in the DOM are always being flipped with the stop where the TP is and vice versa. Same happens no matter what stop type is used. Training stop will show up below your short limit.
Steps To ReproduceSelect bracket order in the DOM, click on short limit.
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2019-09-09 20:41


OV1.PNG (4,497 bytes)
OV1.PNG (4,497 bytes)
ov2.PNG (48,692 bytes)
ov2.PNG (48,692 bytes)
ov3.PNG (55,995 bytes)
ov3.PNG (55,995 bytes)


2019-09-10 08:44

manager   ~0000176

Thanks for reporting the issue. I confirm the bug. It only happens with Rithmic data-feed and is a display bug. This means that the order is placed correctly but not displayed correctly. We will release the correction within a few days.