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0000057OverchartsFEATUREpublic2019-11-24 19:32
PriorityNORMALSeverityNORMALReproducibilityHAVE NOT TRIED
Status NEWResolutionOPEN 
Product Version5.5.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0000057: lock total amount of contracts placed (at one time)
Descriptionis it possible to only allow "the system/overCharts" to only allow 2 contracts placed and at one point in time? some kind of global trade restriction.

note: in some trader evaluations, they only allow say 2 contracts to be traded (although more contracts are accessible);
trying to prevent an accidental click propagating an extra contract that would fail the evaluation.

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2019-11-13 14:47

manager   ~0000129

At the moment it is not possible but we will certainly add this feature in the future.


2019-11-24 19:32

reporter   ~0000131

I think this is a great feature to have for risk management. I 2nd this request. thank you traderh for bringing this up.