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0000048OverchartsFEATUREpublic2019-09-12 18:50
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PlatformOverchartsOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version5.5.0 
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Summary0000048: Features..
DescriptionHi, i'm trying your platform and it's realy goood, you are doing a good work.!
So here are my questions...

- is it possible replicate my drawings on multiple charts? exemple. I draw a recangle on a 1h chart and i can inmediatly see it on my 5 min chart.
- and is it possible to mark sessions? like the indicator in attached file.
exemple. Asia time from 00:00 to 09:00, now europe from xx:xx to xx:xx and finally America from xx:xx to xx:Xx with highs, lows, open etc..

Thanks in advance!
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2019-09-11 20:31


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2019-09-12 18:50

developer   ~0000114

we are working on this kind of feature (to have boxes, lines, rectangles, etc. and display them on multiple time frame and different charts), but no ETA yet for the release.
Regarding the session marked, it's not actually possible to have them even with actual graphical functions but we are working also on this