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0000030OverchartsTECHNICAL SUPPORTpublic2019-10-10 10:18
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PlatformOverchartsOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version5.4.3 
Target VersionFixed in Version5.4.4 
Summary0000030: pointing mouse with shortcut

You make a good works :)

-i dislike the pointing "Arrox mouse pointer" is it possible to configure because i want to reduce zoom with my moose not to back bellow!
-Possible to add "Extanding rectangle" because i use a lot off, on other plateform this shapes to drawing my "single print" (TPO profile chart)
-do you make a YouTube video, to build a strat├ęgie with footprint chart ? Because i d'ont see where i fund this ?
-And i like to use Two Volume Profile Composite ; is it posssible to decrease or spacing this two volume profile ?
-Additional to configure toolbar with separate buttons, for example i need two "extanding rectangle" with differate color


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2019-03-06 15:09

developer   ~0000065

Hi Mac,
-regarding the arrow mouse pointer: you can use the "cross pointer" instead, selectable from the toolbar just below "INSERT". You can zoom in /zoom out x-axis (Time) on chart with mouse wheel or you can also use zoom tools on horizontal toolbar.
-What do you mean with "extanding rectangle"? Could you please send us an image as example? You can now draw rectangles using vertical toolbar on the left (4th button from the bottom).
-We haven't uploaded any video yet. We are preparing them.
 -You can draw multiple Volume profiles right /left/inside/outside the session, select different widths ( Volume Profile Properties/Style/Volume Profile)and change the drawing style and fill to differentiate each of them.
 - It's not possible to customize toolbar buttons right now. You can show or hide tools or detach the toolbar from main window.


2019-03-08 13:50

developer   ~0000066

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"Expanding rectangle" both right and left side will be added in the next update.


2019-03-08 13:52


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Rectangles.png (114,764 bytes)