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0000025OverchartsBUGpublic2019-03-05 15:22
Status CLOSEDResolutionFIXED 
Product Version5.4.2 
Target Version5.4.2Fixed in Version5.4.2 
Summary0000025: READ ME: Overcharts Support Center instructions
DescriptionWelcome to Overcharts Support Center!


1) Overcharts Support Center has a login (username and password) different from the Overcharts platform. CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT to access the Support Center.

2) The official language of Overcharts Support Center is ENGLISH. Overcharts is a word wide application used by people from all over the world.
It is IMPORTANT to use a single language to make the information comprehensible to anyone.

3) ALWAYS use the right category in the 'REPORT ISSUE' form:
- If you are inserting a BUG, use the BUG category
- If you are inserting a New Feature, use the NEW FEATURE category
- If you are requesting Technical Support, use the TECHNICAL SUPPORT category

Overcharts Team

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