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0000112OverchartsFEATUREpublic2020-05-14 12:06
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PlatformOverchartsOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version5.6.3 
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Summary0000112: Question about your prodict
DescriptionGood evening,

May I ask how long your product has been in the market? Is it relatively young? Every now and then I look to see what trading platforms are out there and I thought I had seen it all. What you guys offer is outstanding. I love it and would like to see the product grow. Presently I use Tradestation and occasionally Tradingview for chart markup and trading.

Is the development team open to user feedback? In my head I have a list of features and modifications that would enhance end user experience. I would give it another month or so and a get that I would be happy to share. Thank you.

- Alex
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2020-05-14 12:06

manager   ~0000338

Overcharts came out of beta in September 2019. So it's officially on the market from that date.

All users can give feedbacks or suggestions or request new features. If they are interesting and compatible with Overcharts we proceed with the development. Development times can also vary widely depending on the feature. We have features that have been pending development for 1 year or more.